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If you own a property which is currently vacant there are a number of options available to ensure that it continues to be an asset and does not become a drain on your resources... read more

If you know of an empty property in your neighbourhood please let us know and we will attempt to contact the owner to find out if it is possible to bring the property back into use... read more

The Empty Property Matching Service (EPMS) may be able to help if you own an empty property and want to sell it, or if you want to buy an empty property... read more

If you own a property and require advice and assistance or you wish to report an empty property there are a number of ways you can contact us... read more


The Empty Homes Unit is a dedicated section set up within the Northern Ireland Housing Executive specifically to help tackle the issue of empty homes in Northern Ireland.  We are keen to see as many homes as possible brought back into use preferably by working with owners to provide advice and guidance to find a long-term solution.


We also need your help in identifying empty properties. Any information you can provide on our Report an Empty Home page about empty properties in your neighbourhood will be of assistance to us.